Cut Your Time-To-Hire By 75%
Dedicated Phone Number Per Position
Custom Automated Pre-screen
Secure Applicant Intelligence Portal
Branded Online Employment Applications
Work Ethic Assessment Surveys
Custom Phone Interview
Access To Interview Questions & Answers
Reference Verifications
Instant & Accurate Background Checks
Online Background Release Storage
Organize & Delegate Next Steps

Applicant Screening

What would you do with the extra time if you could hire the most qualified candidates in days instead of weeks; because you delegated the legwork to us?

Attention Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Your Job Just Got Much Easier

VetMyApplicant is your recruiting partner. We are not a staffing, temp or head-hunter service. We merely help you wade through all of the employment applications that are submitted for your job postings and essentially take all of the research off your plate. Imagine how much easier recruiting would be if someone else screened all the applicants to ensure they met your minimum requirements, performed all reference checks on your “A-List” and ran background checks on the ones you wanted to hire. For just $5 per applicant, VetMyApplicant is your answer.

  1. You Post

    VetMyApplicant is more than just a verification service. It’s a completely digital, semi-automated recruiting process that costs less than a few hours of your time. It all starts with the job posting. Wherever you post the job requirements (Craigslist, Monster, HotJobs, Dice, the local paper, etc…) instead of providing your contact information, you will simply provide a phone number. We will assign you a unique number for each job description.

  2. We Screen

    When an applicant calls the unique phone number on your job post, they will be greeted by an automated system that thanks them for calling your company and asks them to answer a series of 5-10 questions which will help determine their eligibility. We customize the recording with whatever questions you provide us. If the applicant successfully answers all the questions correctly, they will be greeted with a voicemail that prompts them to leave their contact information. Within 1 business day, we will return all voicemails to further vet the applicant. If they pass, we will ask them to visit your (our) website to complete an online employment application. All calls are recorded for quality assurance and review.

  3. We Compile

    We will provide you with our standard online employment application which you can use as is or you can request additional information be collected. This application will be branded with your logo and company colors. (Other customizations are available.) Once the applicant completes all the required fields, uploads their cover letter (if applicable) and digitally signs the background check waiver, they will receive an automated email thanking them for their interest and informing them of the process. All application data is collected, organized and managed from a portal that you will have access to.

  4. You Sort

    From within our encrypted application portal, you will see a list of all the applications presorted by job description (post). You can review each application and sort them into one of three categories. (A-List, B-List, N/A).

  5. We Verify

    Once you have conducted phone or in-person interviews, based on your own internal process, you can check a box on the application to alert us that reference verifications are requested. Within 1 business day, we will begin tracking down up to three references per applicant and make comments in the candidate’s record. Should you choose to pursue a full background investigation or a variety of background checks on a candidate, you will simply check another box on their application. Per our contract with you, we’ll know which types of checks to perform. However, you can call, web chat or email with us anytime to request changes.

  6. You Hire

    Once we have provided you with all the information you need to make a reliable decision, you can follow your own internal process to hire the candidate. You would then notify us that the position has been filled so we can halt further action and archive any resumes you may want to keep for future endeavors.