Live Web Chat Increases Prospect Conversion

Don’t just provide information, answer your visitor’s specific questions

Is your website working for you? We’re not just talking about the design, how much traffic your generating or even your Search Engine ranking. Quite simply put, if you aren’t available to answer questions about your products and services immediately, you are missing the opportunity to convert visitors to paying clients.

With Exec-u-chat on your website, we can proactively engage your visitors to answer questions and give them the initial customer service that first impressions require to earn the sale. Train your team lead to answer pre-sales, post-sales & support questions. If the inquiries become too in depth for web chat, we can call the visitor based on the information they provide, to further engage their curiosity. All chat transcripts can be sent to you via email and we can send an SMS message to your cell phone if a hot lead requires your attention.

Today it’s become easier than ever to research products or services online, pull up countless reviews or testimonials and learn just about anything to make a buying decision within minutes.

Live Web Chat Improves The Consumer’s Experience

Give your visitors an interactive opportunity to build a relationship

One of the most important questions today’s consumer wants answered is ”what will my experience be like if I give this company my business?”. Genuine, Customer Care is a commodity many companies have sacrificed to save the bottom line, however we believe Customer Care is crucial for growth. Exec-u-chat provides more than an interactive Live Web Chat button on your website and Live Web Chat agents who copy & paste information from a script. We want to partner with your business, learn everything you would teach an in-house sales or customer service professional and then engage your website visitors as if we were a member or division of your company.

We can gather key information before and during the conversation that will help your sales team follow-up. The first thing your visitors will notice is that they are chatting with a true American. We will interject personality into the web chat conversation and engage your visitors as if they were colleagues. Web chat visitors want to have a conversation with knowledgeable sales professionals not be given scripted text that may only generally answer their concerns.

While many web chat conversations are quick and to the point, many more are providing that invaluable 1st impression. They are a test to see if your company cares more about process and protocol than about the individual needs of its consumers. Millions of companies around the world use live web chat to gain sales intelligence while providing a free service to the end-user. This service could be the very beginning of an enduring and loyal relationship.

Live Web Chat Costs Less Than 1 Lost Sale Per Month

How much revenue are you losing by not being available to your web visitors?

The success of a website is measured by traffic and conversion. Traffic analytics provide information about how many unique visitors have landed on your website. Conversion is the metrics behind the amount of visitors that actually became customers. How many unique visitors are you losing to competitors because the information they wanted wasn’t readily available? How much did that lost sale cost in terms of new revenue, possible repeat business and referrals?

Live Web Chat isn’t expensive but not having it can be costly. If you consider that about 1 in 10 visitors will use Live Web Chat to get the answers to their questions and about 15%-20% of Live Web Chat users will convert to clients and it only costs about $2 per chat… what are you waiting for? Once you’ve invested in Search Engine Optimization to get traffic to your page, let us get them to the table. We’re not just offering the software or the button to click, we’re also providing 100% US Based pre-sales professionals who will be trained by you to gather information, build the relationship and begin converting the prospect to a hot lead that you can convert. Contact Us today to get started.